She Rejected My Kiss. Does She Only Want to Be Friends?


Reader Question:

we came across this girl and every thing seemed great. One night we sought out for a glass or two together with biochemistry was going great, but then whenever I went the hug, she rejected it. We never anticipated this end result since we had been having such a beneficial feeling.

A few days later we text the girl and she tells me she just wants to end up being friends. However choose ease off, reducing all communication together with her for a couple weeks. A week ago within club I randomly saw this lady. Although she believed truly distant, i possibly could nevertheless tell there seemed to be some chemistry taking place.

Performs this girl only want to be buddies or something like that a lot more? Or do I need to simply proceed?


Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

i am usually amazed whenever men and older women hookups have a very clear answer once they look for commitment description and then ignore the answer.
She said really clearly. She simply would like to end up being platonic friends. And she supported her answer with behavior.

Once you happened to operate into the lady, she acted distant. The “chemistry” you see might only be via your end. I think you ought to proceed. There are numerous great women who will appreciate you.

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